About Erl



My name is Erl and I am a freelance makeup artist based in Dubai.

It all started with photography… After a handful of photography classes, an established photography club nominated me to attend a workshop on makeup basics. I accepted without hesitation and before I knew it, I was in love with makeup.

My passion in learning about this new love started in 2009 and everyday it grew more and more. What excites me now are the opportunities to meet a lot of people and to be a blessing to them. As a makeup artist, I am inspired by the amazing things makeup can do to a person.

Want a striking ‘look’ that will make your special day or a photo shoot more memorable? Let me show you what makeup can do.

Email me on erl@headmastersph.com for bookings and quotations.  Or visit http://www.headmastersph.com to know more about my work.

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